Winter Adventure Pack List

Winter Adventure Pack List

(For cold-weather snowshoeing, hiking, or base for backcountry skiing)




 (NO Cotton! Synthetic or Wool only.)

·      TOP

o   Base-layer (T-shirt or long sleeve)

o   Mid-layer (like a polypro hoody, ex. Patagonia capilene)

o   Insulating layer (puffy jacket, down or synthetic)

o   Outer shell (Waterproof, non-insulated)

o   Wind Shirt – Optional (one of my preferred layers. Ex. Patagonia Houdini)

o   Extra insulating layer – Optional. Let temperature dictate this. (vest, fleece, etc.)

·      BOTTOM

o   Base-layer (long underwear, hot chili’s, underarmour, etc)

o   Technical shell pants, snow pants, or whatever activity dictates.

o   Insulating pants – optional (fleece, down, etc. for super cold weather)


o   Wool or synthetic socks, mid-weight or whatever is comfortable.

o   Insulated snow boots or just sturdy hiking boots.

o   Sun hat – to keep sun out of eyes and off face.

o   Warm hat – wool beanie or dorky fur bomber hat.

o   Sunglasses or goggles. Snow blindness sucks. Keep them on croakies, pro tip.

o   Buff or bandana- to soak up all yo nasty sweat.

o   Thin insulated gloves. For aerobic activities

o   Thick insulated gloves. For when you’re sitting around getting cold.

o   Gaiters – Optional. To keep snow out of boots.




·      Comfortable pack (obviously). 20-40L usually good. I like my 36L (on the bigger side)

·      Navigation – Map & Compass, or GPS. (Know where you’re going. Stay found!).

·      Sun protection – Sunscreen, lip balm, sun hat, sunglasses.

·      Illumination – Flashlight or headlamp. Extra batteries if you want.

·      1st aid kit- And the knowledge of how to use it.

·      Repair kit – Multi tool, knife, duct tape. Extra stuff depending on the equipment you have. What happens if something breaks? Can you limp out on a busted snowshoe?

·      Nutrition – Protein bars, trail mix, energy goop, snacks, leftover meatloaf, etc.

·      Hydration – Container (I use a 2L bladder) and water treatment like AqauMira.

·      Emergency Shelter – Like one of those giant tinfoil bivys that come in a tiny orange bag.

·      Fire – Matches, lighter, fire starter… in case of impromptu bon fires or emergency situations.


·      Foam sit pad to take a break and not freeze your ass off.

·      Hot Buttered Rum

·      Field guides